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Schnitzer West revives plan for 36-story office tower downtown
The Seattle Times
(April 25, 2012, by cfb forever) MORE Electro, those of us that live and work in Seattle are happy to keep investing and… (April 25, 2012, by notthecase) MORE Won’t Seattle ever learn? More downtown office space means more traffic congestion. Why.
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Ashley Fink, Gladys Knight, Ashton Kutcher, Zach Galifianakis
Kansas City Star
By LISA GUTIERREZ Traeden Mathews dangles a pie tin in front of a tiny video camera and in view of the Space Needle as he films an (extremely) low-budget film about space invaders landing on Earth in Seattle. The top of the Space Needle boasts a new
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Kansas City Star
Trendspotting: Corporate HQ Location Choices in a Recovering Market
Area Development Online
Younger generations of workers demand new freedoms such as open floor plans, new collaborative spaces, and mobile technology. Work force mobility is transforming the demand curve for office space. For example, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Peter Miscovich
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Area Development Online
Mining asteroids
The Economist
So, too, is Charles Symonyi, the engineer who oversaw the creation of Microsoft’s Office software (and who has been into space twice courtesy of Mr Anderson’s firm). With a cast-list like that, it is at least polite to take them seriously.
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The Economist

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