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Dear Craig Hill: Jul-12
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Seattle Office Vacancy and Rental Rates (more stats)

Market Num of
Total RSF Direct
Rent Rate
Downtown 545 50,620,737 6,317,728 12.5% 872,401 14.2% $28.53
Eastside 818 35,361,209 4,992,849 14.1% 723,233 16.2% $28.30
Northend 394 12,065,256 1,889,010 15.7% 142,237 16.8% $22.91
Southend 413 15,329,277 3,119,392 20.3% 397,592 22.9% $20.47
Tacoma 212 7,072,256 1,152,999 16.3% 41,497 16.9% $20.86
Grand Total 2,382 120,448,735 17,471,978 14.5% 2,176,960 16.3% $26.42
Notes – Statistics are based on existing buildings that are available for lease (and do not include owner occupied buildings, government buildings or buildings that are under construction or proposed). Average Rent Rates are calculated on a full-serviced lease basis, using a weighted average (the bigger the building, the more impact it has on the average).

Commercial Real Estate News (past month) (more)

7-27: HTC moves ahead with big expansion in Seattle’s Pioneer Square
7-25: Goodwill opening South Lake Union store
7-25: Urban-friendly Target to open Wednesday in downtown Seattle
7-25: Kilroy pays $187M for Bellevue tower
7-24: Blucora to move HQ to new Bellevue location
7-24: Seattle approves plan to lease fiber network to private firms
7-20: When is green not green enough? Dispute swirls around 2 Seattle projects
7-20: New Center for Impact & Innovation inks lease at Pioneer Square’s historic Masins furniture building
7-13: After the Alaskan Way Viaduct, city sees ‘a waterfront for all’
7-12: Metropolitan Market buys Magnolia Thriftway
7-10: The most detailed designs yet showing Amazon’s proposed downtown Seattle HQ
7-09: First look at new plan to develop Port Gamble
7-05: Northgate redevelopment raises citywide affordability concerns
7-05: Goldman affiliate loses control of 11 Seattle and Eastside buildings
7-05: Neglected downtown landmark could become a hotel
7-05: Seattle’s South Lake Union zoning plan could add 12K households
7-02: Seattle: America’s top tech city
7-02: Fast-growing Zillow secures more office space at Seattle HQ
7-02: comes to Denver
7-02: Motricity to terminate lease at downtown Bellevue HQ
Showcase Property
Wells Fargo Plaza

Year-to-Date Listings View Counter – Craig Hill

Property Name Search
Flyer Floor
Inquiry Total ROI**
1200 Dearborn Street 4,153 1.0% 52 212 N/A (4) 0 6 274 $173.00
1617 South Jackson Street 3,116 1.0% 105 164 N/A (4) 0 9 282 $232.50
840 North Broadway* 2,339 0.4% 5 62 N/A 0 0 67 $18.00
901 Rainier Avenue South 1,986 1.2% 104 208 N/A (4) 2 6 324 $202.00
First & Hudson Building 2,315 1.8% 134 177 N/A (4) 0 12 327 $295.25
Weller Building 2,593 0.4% 140 236 N/A 1 7 384 $236.00
Grand Totals – 6 Listings 16,502 1.0% 540 1,059 16 3 40 1,658 $1,156.75
Click any building name to see those tenants who have viewed the property. An "*" after a building name denotes partial period tracking. In 2007, we began counting the number of times a listing appears in a search result. When more detail is requested, a click-through is recorded. The number of click-throughs is then divided by the search results to determine the Click Rate. **ROI or Return on Investment is a simple tool that you can use to measure the value of having your listing(s) on Your ROI is based on actual performance results and is calculated using industry standard values. Click Here to Learn More.

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